Monday, June 27, 2016

Matarki Celebration


This is our manu tukutuku

Matariki is the Maori celebration for their New Year.   It is special to them because that's the day when  the star of matariki is out . And  that’s is the sign for the maori new year.  

On Monday this week we have been manu tukutuku, which is making a kite.  Room 10 went to go get toetoe across the road, first thing we have to do was a karakia , which is a sign of respect and tikanga . So after our karkia  mis hills our  teacher cut downs  the  toetoe one  at a time from different bushies   

Me and my buddy  Mya  have been working on this manu tukutuku for 3 days to make this work . the hard part was weaving the wool on to the  Raupō on the sides because I couldn't weav so Mya  asked if  you wanted to which side and i said yes

The materials that we use  were wool, toetoe , hot glue gun  and Roupō. The math that we have to  do was 3 erd of a 120  so we  divided by it and we  did 3 divided 12 was 4 so we put the 0 of the 20 and that's how we got to 40 we have to do threads of a 120 and that's is 40 .

Thank you for reading my work I hope you learn something about Matariki.


  1. Hi Eraia, loved the dialogue in your video, great to hear about the math strategies you were using.